Production Equipment

3D Scanner

An indispensable 3D scanner for computer graphics development.
Fast fast focus method-layer by layer image processing to achieve perfect accuracy.

Tranditional embossing of concave - convex roller

Diameter: 30mm ~ 600mm. Total length: 6 meters
Plate roller-diamond, diagonal (for gluing, ink, varnishing)。
Silk roller-# 15 mesh ~ # 350 mesh
Mirror roller-high precision, smooth surface treatment, no wave marks, roughness Ra0.01um.
Matte rollers-sandblasted, special treatment.
Embossing roller-leather, tape, fit, wood grain, floor, wallpaper, yoga mat,
Toilet paper, napkins, aluminum paper, nonwovens, curtains, etc.


Ceramic roller
Ceramic polishing machine
Ceramic grinding machine
Ceramic spray room:Contains HVOF, APS two spray guns

Laser Ceramic Engraving

Scope of application: Optoelectronic industry electronic film, panel brightness enhancement film, diffusion film,br> Hair film, PET protective film, release film.
Blasting roller: glass beads, golden steel sand, aluminized sand.
霧度:10° ~ 90°

Laser Metal Engraving

Precision jointless laser metal rollers for direct laser use
It can also be engraved with a corrosive laser.
The roller material can be copper or iron.
30mm ~ 600mm
Delicate 3D flash effect

CNC Four-axis Engraving

CNC 5-axis engraving roller can be used for kitchen towels, toilet paper, paper towels,
Napkins, yoga mats, floors,
The depth can reach 10MM.

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